T-Wave Golf Tournament

In my first life I had studied geophysics and for several years worked downtown in the oil patch as a geophysicist. Later on I switched my calling and obtained my real estate license, eventually taking the plunge to work exclusively as a realtor, a profession I truly enjoy undertaking.
Supporting the industry of my ‘first life’ though, remains important to me and I offer my time to this sector that truly is so much of the back bone of our city’s economy when I can. I had the pleasure of taking part in a golf tournament as a sponsor in 2017 and decided to do so again this year too.
The Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists’ (the CSEG) uses the phrase ‘showing the world how to understand the earth’ as their tagline. But this is the literal and essential essence of what this profession does. For those that may not be aware, geophysics is the science where the physical properties and processes of the Earth are analyzed in a quantitative manner. Locally in our economy, the main focus of this science is to study the physical properties so to determine the subsurface location of hydrocarbons, however in essence, the field of geophysics has applications in understanding the earth’s gravity, magnetics, minerals, water cycle, dynamics of the oceans and spatial analysis.
The CSEG has many events throughout the year that are designed to bring geophysicists together to network, to further the understanding of the science, to offer scholarships, and stay on top of technologies that are part of the science and profession. What began in 1949 as a small group has grown and ballooned over the last almost 70 years to dynamically encompass those in the profession, as the profession itself undergoes many changes.
Like last year, I look forward to being a hole sponsor at an upcoming golf tournament, called the T-Wave Tournament which takes place next Monday. Previously I would have been part of the tournament as a registrant, but now that I’m outside the industry, I enjoy giving back to the society. Touching base with familiar faces as they literally roll past is also great, too.