Moving to Calgary

Calgary has so many great things going for it, and if you are someone, or know someone, who is considering a move to Calgary, here are some reasons why you SHOULD come this way:
  1. We are the sunniest city in Western Canada, where we average about 333 sunny days per year. 
  2. Calgary is culturally diverse, with over 120 languages spoken in the city.
  3. Calgary continues to be a city of opportunity with so many projects abound. Our growing downtown landscape, our construction of road projects in the city and the fact that we are amongst the top 10 performing urban areas in the world for economic development makes Calgary an attractive place to call home.
  4. If you’re thinking of moving to Calgary, you will enjoy Calgary’s relatively high quality of life. Ranked the 4thmost liveable city to live in in the world, we offer excellent stability, healthcare, infrastructure, and education.
  5. In terms of culture and events, we have several world-renowned festivals and facilities that take place in our city and that draws many crowds. The Calgary Stampede, our city’s Folk Festival, our National Music Centre, and even our still-used post-Olympic facilities, they all attract attention and interest from abroad.
  6. Housing prices are not as inflated as those seen in Vancouver or Toronto, making Calgary a city where it is still more affordable to own a home.
  7. The average age in Calgary is 36.4 years, making our city a young a vibrant one both in the work force and the city’s social scenes. 
  8. Calgary has two major post-secondary schools to offer: University of Calgary and Mount Royal University. SAIT is another reputable school so in reality, Calgary is fortunate to offer 3 academic institutions to the masses. 
  9. Calgary has the highest amount of head offices in Canada, per capita. Though our city suffered in the last recession, things are rebounding positively, even if it feels slow to some.
  10. The city and province has invested in many new schools in several communities all over town. The school board in both the separate and public system is excellent, providing extra support to those kids and families that need it. 
Moving to a new city can be daunting, but it doesn’t take long to get familiar with your new surroundings, and Calgary has so much to offer. If you are considering a move to Calgary, coming through for a visit to scope things out, feel free to get in touch. We’d be happy to show you around. It doesn’t take long to see how the city-scape and friendly faces make Calgary a great place to call home.