Garage Sales in Calgary

With the seasons changing and it being much warmer than just a few weeks ago, it’s not long before Spring lends its way to a common summer event: the Garage Sale.

Born out of the need to sell unclaimed cargo at a discounted price at the shipyards in the early 1800s, with passing time, these kinds of sales adapted and became popular as yard sales and community events. In the 70s and 80s, as the construction of homes took place with steam, the style of homes was as such where an attached garage was soon the normal design. 

The advent of the television skyrocketed the type of marketing and advertising people were exposed to, and a surge in the economy meant they were able to purchase more and more things. It wasn’t long before people were buying things they didn’t need and storage space got tight, thereby resulting in the need to purge items that were taking up space.

Being at the front of the house, the garage became an obvious storage spot and eventual point of commerce for all these items people no longer wanted. In addition, given the way communities were built, people were going for walks and naturally passing the front of each house, making it an easy touch point to peruse and view what ‘junk’ people had for sale.  It’s so common now to have communal garage sales, a parade of garage sales, thereby maximizing everyone’s exposure to what the other deems not needed anymore. Check your local community association to see when their planned Garage Sale weekend is scheduled and be sure to get in on the event, and Happy Hunting among another's 'trash' to find your treasure.