Building a Fence

So, you’ve built a house and need to do some landscaping in your backyard and on your property. Part of that landscaping may include putting up a new fence. Or, perhaps you’re tired of looking at an old fence and want to put up something different.
We’ve heard of stories where things were not done properly, resulting in a headache for the home owner who embarked on this project. To avoid getting yourself into unnecessary situations, here are some things to consider:
Before you start to price out any materials, or buy any supplies, make sure you are familiar with the bylaws and have necessary permits to begin. There are some specs you must adhere to in the City of Calgary such as post depth (must be four feet deep to avoid frost damage), fence height (two metres tall in the back yard and 1.5 metres tall in the front yard) and the gates should be no more than 2.5 metres tall. 
Know where the zoning on your property lies so that you don’t over or under extend your property is important. Be cognisant of other features in your yard such as patio decks because there are rules as to minimum distances between infrastructure that need to be observed. 
Definitely talk to you neighbor and be clear with them about what you want to do. If this is a new home that needs a 1sttime fence, it makes sense the cost of this project be split among neighbors. Even if you’re replacing an old fence, talk to your neighbors. We’ve heard of a home owner who went away for the weekend, only to come back and realize that not only did his neighbor rip up the old fence and put in a brand new one, they also extended their yard’s size by shrinking his, hoping he wouldn’t notice. It seemed like an obvious offence on the neighbor’s part, but they still to go through the courts to get it solved. A total nightmare that could have been somewhat avoided if they communicated.
Costs vary greatly for such projects, so plan your budgets carefully. There are so many different types of materials to use for a fence, different types of wood, metal, and design. Take the time to speak to staff at the store as they’ll help you price out the best budget for your needs.
It’s a fun project to do, to build and cultivate your property to your liking. Once you adhere to a few rules, it’s great to watch it transition and then be enjoyed during the lazy days of summer (despite the fresh snow today, they’re coming. Lazy summer days are coming indeed!).