Paint First or Floors First?

Doing several renovations on your Calgary home can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin and what item to tackle first.
A common debate exists about whether one should do walls before or after the floor is changed. We wanted to weigh in with some opinions and share some tips.
When you are looking at your Calgary home, if you don’t like your walls and see they need a fresh coat of paint, but your carpets need to be lifted as well, there are two roads to take.
If you tackle to paint walls first, your Calgary contractor will appreciate the freedom of being able to do their job without too much concern for spilled or splattered paint here or there. 
However, the more we read, the more it is advised that floors get done first, and then walls. 
Lifting floors and putting new ones down, be it carpet or wood lifts dust and creates a film on your walls. If you paint first, you will have dust on your freshly painted walls that will need to be wiped down post-construction. 
Moving floors can be a bulky process where it is very common to get scuff marks on walls. Rolls of carpet, boxes of wood, all the needed tools…they can unintentionally scratch the walls so if you paint first, you risk having to get your painter to come back and do some touch-ups, which can be pricy. With new flooring, you will also have new baseboards to install. It is easy to trim those and ensure they look perfect when using a professional painter. 
Lastly, when using a professional contractor to do your painting, they protect your floors properly to ensure no paint is spilled on them. Granted, you may be able to prep the walls before you rip up the floors so that any sanding and patching is done. You may also choose to paint your ceiling before you do floors, but then generally, tackle your floors and paint last. Put in your new carpet or hardwood, deal with all that first and then cover them up to paint your walls. 
Most importantly, talk to your Calgary contractors and clear everything up with them. Chances are they will recommend you do floors first too.