Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging.
Have you guys heard of this before?!

It’s genius.

If you are selling your home and it is already vacant, an alternative to hiring stagers to transport furniture into your home which can get expensive, is the use of virtual staging.

Staging your home is often recommended to attract prospective home buyers to envision what a house looks like when it is furnished.

All that is needed are correct measurements of your home, (this needs to be exactly precise) and then the rest is up to the digital gods to play around with and create the most tailored look, style, and colour to suite the room.

We talked about traditional home-staging here in this blog and though we maintain that using a stager is very effective (need a recommendation?! Talk to us!), the beauty is, it is hard to tell whether you are using traditional methods or digital ones in photos. Check out some of our listings and try to pick out which ones are traditionally staged and which ones are digitally edited. Can you tell a difference?

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!