How Is Your Roof Doing?

When looking for a new home in Calgary, the health of the roof is always something to consider because like everything else, roofs need replacing and some care.

Roofs are affected by design, climate and several other factors. The life expectancy of your roof will be contingent on what materials are used to make it. Wood shingles will last about 30-40 years, metal roofing will last you about 30-45 years, laminate shingles will last 24-30 years and asphalt shingles will be 15 to 18 years.

Climate has a huge effect on your roof and the weather in Calgary definitely tests the roof of your Calgary home often and alot. The more precipitation your roof is exposed to, the more the life span is negatively affected. This is something that can’t be controlled though, so it’s just something that needs to be factored in.

Your roof color of your Calgary home will affect its life span because simple science comes into play. The darker your roof in color, the more heat it will absorb. The more heat absorbed, the more melting, breakage and eventual replacement your roof will be subjected to.

That leads us to our next point: sun exposure. This ties into climate and precipitation. More sun will wear down your roof due to heat absorption, and given that Calgary is one of Canada’s sunniest cities, the sun plays a huge role on the lifespan of Calgary homes.

The physical structure of one’s roof affects the life span of it too. The angle at which your roof slopes will add to your roof’s longevity. The steeper the roof, the more water and snow will slide off it, keeping it more dry. If you’re building a house, take this into consideration.

The importance of roof ventilation can’t be stressed enough. Without roof ventilation, you will build up roof moisture which leads to a whole bunch of other issues. When getting a home inspection or building a home, this is a point to inquiry many questions about.

Over time, many aspects of a house need to be updated such as appliances, floors, doors and windows. Roofs are a key one too, since so much trickles down into the house if your roof is not up to par. When you’re getting a home inspection on a home you’d like to buy, be sure to do all your homework about the roof and feel free to ask your Calgary realtor, like, any questions! We are networked with reputable home inspectors, able to offer you advice as you embark on buying a new home in Calgary.