How To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Jon Snow. Eddard Stark. Ned Stark. The entire House Stark. They kept saying it and as the Starks are always right, Winter is Coming.
With that, many thoughts turn to our Calgary lawns. How do you prepare your lawn for winter? Is it better to leave your lawn long or short for winter? Summer is done and there is this looming threat of snow, so here are some of our tips to on winterizing your lawn for winter in Calgary.

1) Keep your grass neat and trimmed throughout fall and in advance of winter. Mice and voles prefer longer grass since it gives them more insulation under the snow, so to prevent them from coming, keep your lawn short, mowing it often before the first snow falls.
2) Remove the fallen leaves on your lawn periodically, because the grass still needs the sun to stay healthy. A layer of leaves blocks the sun and in a sense, starves your lawn.
3) Purposely make holes in your lawn. It may seem counter-intuitive to do so, but aerating allows water and nutrients to get immediately down to the grassroots level and faster. You can hire a service company in Calgary to come and do this for you, or you can rent an aerator from your local hardware store and perhaps even share the cost with several neighbors and friends.
4) Fertilize your lawn now to prepare it for winter’s hibernation, giving it a final good boost for next spring. And don’t forget to seed your heart out. Use a rotary seeder to distribute the seeds as evenly as possible so that your lawn can come back healthy, thick, and green in the spring.
We all know what winters are like in Calgary and the coldest months are weeks away. Prepare your Calgary lawn now and hunker down for the season!