Volunteering Week in Calgary

By: Mark Lukwinski

Volunteering Week in Calgary

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National Volunteer Week is in effect this week from April 7th-13th, celebrating Canada's 12.7 million volunteers under the 2019 theme of The Volunteering Factor-Lifting Communities. With that, this week’s blog entry focuses on those who give away their time, for free!

We sourced many websites and all of them said the same thing: Calgary has the highest number of volunteers per capita than any other city in Canada. Some sources even said in the world. Regardless, this is something to be proud of.
A recent study shows that most volunteers choose to dedicate their time to a cause or organization that has a link to a personal/familial connection. Word of mouth appears to be the best way to get information out about volunteering, and about 60% of volunteers dedicate 5 hours or less a month. If you think about it, in a city of over 1.2 million people, that’s about 760,000 people dedicating about 5 hours a month. That amounts to 3.8 million hours a month set aside for volunteering in our city, which means heaps of work is getting done.
Besides getting so much work done, it’s apparent volunteering gives Calgarians an avenue to meet new people, learn new skills, give back to the community, network, and also an escape from stresses of daily life. Central to Calgary’s culture is the Calgary Stampede and as an example, this event could never get off the ground without the volunteer force it encompasses. It takes over 130 volunteers to organize the parade that starts off our city’s annual celebration, but in general, there are over 2,00 volunteers that keep the event going all year long in preparation for its annual celebration each July.
Whatever your cause, be it medical, animal-related, large events, or even in your child’s local school, your volunteering is pivotal. We are truly proud of this fact and would love to know which causes you give your time to. Share them with us!