Things to do in Calgary weekend (and week) of October 1st.

By: Mark Lukwinski

Things to do in Calgary weekend (and week) of October 1st.

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With a final wave, September is gone and October is waiting for its turn on your calendar wall. Here are some fun things coming up in the city on this final weekend and new week of the month. 

  1. It’s the last day of the International Film Festival today, so check out their site for events as the festival wraps up for another year.
  2. There is a hockey street tournament taking place today at Mount Royal University, open to kids and youth, adult recreation, and competitive divisions. 
  3. Head down to Hotel Arts this evening for Carnival Cocktails for Cancer event taking place on Sunday at 7pm. 
  4. If you have time to spare and like getting involved, head down to the Calgary Volunteer Fair this Tuesday and get involved!
  5. Though it’s sold out now, perhaps there may be a few straggler tickets that come up for Lobster Fest 2018. If you like beer and you like lobster, this fest is for you!
  6. Networking is what makes all of us succeed in our own lines of business, it’s all about building relationships. If you’re free on Wednesday and looking to network yourself some more, check out this Breakfast Referral Networking event. 
  7. The way of the future is all pointing to Artificial Intelligence. Learn how AI can affect and transform your business at this event at SaltLik. 
  8. Want to learn how to make the perfect sour dough bread? Sign up for this baking class and try your hand at it with Cook Book Company.
  9. Want to learn what printmaking with a steam roller looks like? Check out this event taking place all day! 
  10. Your call-let us know what gems in the city you have discovered to do this week.