Self-isolation in Calgary stories

By: Mark Lukwinski

Self-isolation in Calgary stories

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Calgary, another week of self-isolation is in the books.

According to Premier Jason Kenney’s speech the other day, we still have a few more weeks ahead of us. In all these changes and learning how to adjust to the new normal, it’s been striking and inspiring to see what people will do to cope and help one another. We rounded up some interesting stores closer to Calgary and wanted to share them here, as well as trends we’ve noticed pick up online.

Local breweries are making hand sanitizer by using the WHO’s recipe. Cans of hand sanitizer are available on grocery store shelves because in these covid times, it’s understandably in high demand.

Photographers, such as Neil Zeller are taking to the streets to take photos of families as they social distance. A series called Porchtraits has taken off as people want to preserve this moment of history that unites us all.

Have you made your sour dough bread yet?! It’s literally all the rage. Making your own starter kit and then your first loaf of sour dough seems to be what everyone is in to. We’re trying our own this weekend!

Wine or beer over zoom. Since we can’t see friends or family, many are gathering for happy hours on zoom. Who are you raising a glass with?

An Okotoks teen is supporting AHS workers by using his 3D printer to print off face shields. What started off as a printing hobby has turned into this 13 year old supporting AHS staff during a global pandemic.

Fitness classes online. There are so many to choose from, and it’s amazing to see the comfort and agility of working out from home. Will this be a game changer for gym going forward? Local establishments like Barbelle or so many local personal trainers have all taken to the digital highway to get people moving at home.

Local restaurants have adapted their offerings to still feed you, but from home. Meal kits are prepped of some of your favorite dishes and all you need to do is cook the food at home. It’ll taste just the same, and you’ll still be in self-isolation. Check out Joey Tomatoes!

Next week will bring some more stories, the weather is supposed to be snowy this weekend, so stay tuned as we come up with different things to do in self-isolation.

Stay safe!