News from around the world

By: Mark Lukwinski

News from around the world

Tags: global news

Despite the topic that everyone is talking about, other things have been happening in the world over the last week. We thought we’d bring you non-covid news, because we all need a mental break.
Here goes!
An significant aquifer was discovered under the Pacific ocean off the coast of New Zealand, and it is large enough that the South Island may be able to draw on it for their fresh water supply.
There are many ways to drink your morning coffee. Here’s how the rest of the world drinks their java jolt in the morning.
The fossil of the smallest dinosaur ever found to date has been uncovered. And, it’s the size of a hummingbird.
A huge asteroid is coming our way in April…(because we don’t have enough to worry about!), but we should be fine! 
Putin has been in power since 2000, and just this week he passed a measure that would allow him to retain his power for another 16 years, until 2036. Seems legit.
Who’s watching Big Brother Canada?! Here’s the latest and greatest on this addicting show!
Tom Brady has left the Patriots. We couldn’t make this up!
A lady thought mistook her block of cheese for a bar of soap and washed her hands with it, for days. How could the smell not give it away?

Stay safe, stay healthy!