Houses for Sale in SW Calgary

By: Mark Lukwinski

Houses for Sale in SW Calgary

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Calgary is a vast city spanning over 850 square kilometers in size, with so much to offer and as a result, many homes to search in a MLS Calgary listing search. Any Calgarian is familiar with the five sections that Calgary is broken into, but if you're new to town, take note of the breakup of our vast city into a North West, a North East, South West, South East, and technically an Inner City portion. Looking deeper into each section, one starts to become familiar with the mosaic of neighborhoods that make up Calgary. At current count, there are over 190 neighborhoods to choose from, in which to find your next home. This fact alone can be overwhelming and your decision will be impacted by a multitude of factors such as proximity to work, access to the mountains, closeness to family and friends, and distance to a variety of different attractions.

Here's where we can help!

Our specialty and area of focus are the homes on Calgary's westside, so if you're looking for Calgary homes for sale in the SW, we would be of great help to you! Looking at the map below, you see our four quadrants, where SW Calgary is split into two parts. The neighborhoods found within the blue circle are bordered by the TransCanada Highway to the north, Highway 8 to the south, Sarcee Trail to the east, and lastly 101st Street/Lower Springbank Road to the west. Within this area I personally live with my wife and kids (we live in the community of Aspen), and it is an area we have grown to love for all that it offers. Our team is keen on sharing our knowledge and experience from selling and showing homes in these areas with you! Get in touch and let us know if there is anything you'd like to know about a neighborhood-throughout our blog entries you will find that we have profiled each of the neighborhoods located on Calgary’s West Side. We provide information on schools, parks, amenities, some residential stats, community associations, and more! Let us be your West Side source of information and we look forward to sharing our details about these fantastic communities with you.  

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