Calgary Ring Road

By: Mark Lukwinski

Calgary Ring Road

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When is the Calgary ring road opening?


Good question.


If you’ve driven along Sarcee and Glenmore Trails lately, you’ll notice that things seem to be shaping up to look more completed along the south west part of Calgary’s ring road.


Paving is more and more complete, light posts and signs are installed and things are flowing more smoothly. Originally slated to open in 2021, it now appears that half of the ring road freeway is actually going to be opened by October 2020.


The parts of the project that stretch south of 146th Ave and north of Highway 8 are still scheduled to open in October 2021, but this early opening is a huge deal. It will take the weight off 14 Street in the south, allowing people to travel to communities like Woodbine or Westhills much faster.


Not short on controversy, the entire Calgary ring road project has been debated and contested for decades, so seeing its full completion draw closer and closer is monumental. When it is complete, Alberta Provincial Highway No. 201, or Stoney Trail, will provide over 100km of free-flowing traffic around Calgary, ending planning and discussions that started in the 1970s about the need for such a ring road system of highways around Calgary.