Calgary and the 2019 Federal Election

By: Mark Lukwinski

Calgary and the 2019 Federal Election

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In a couple of weeks we will be heading to the polls to vote in Canada’s 43rd general election. There are 338 seats up for grabs in the House of Commons that we will be filling with with our votes. We thought this week we would look into Calgary’s electoral map.
Calgary has been fragmented into 10 areas of representation and from my part of town, I will be voting to fill the Signal Hill, the names of the candidates are:
Calgary Signal Hill

The Rhino party is satirical whose mandate states they ‘promise to keep none of our promises’. Though satirical parties are not new, they sure do provide comic relief in times like this because there is so much debate over serious topics in the election.
Going clockwise across Calgary’s electoral map from Signal Hill, here are the candidates we as a city will be voting for:
Calgary Confederation  Calgary Rocky Ridge   
Calgary Nose Hill Calgary Skyview  Calgary Forest Lawn  Calgary Shepard Calgary Midnapore  Calgary Heritage Calgary-Centre

Historically, Calgary has voted Conservative, let’s stay tuned to what happens on the 21st.
Be sure to take the time to properly read, research and read some more before you go make your vote on the 21st (or earlier, if you take advantage of advance polling).